Types of Labels

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Thermal Labels

Thermal labels are a special type of label that is activated by heat. These labels are printed using thermal printing method. Thermal labels are widely used in various fields, particularly in barcode labeling, shipment tracking, retail sales, and logistics


Coated Labels

Coated labels are glossy and smooth surfaced labels used for product promotion. They provide a professional appearance, enhance brand visibility, and can extend the shelf life of products. They are widely used in various industries.


Vellum Labels

Vellum labels are used for packaging and promotion of products in various industries. These labels are particularly preferred by brands seeking an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The texts written or printed on vellum labels have a subtle visibility from the back, adding depth to the designs.


Fluorescent Labels

Fluorescent labels are preferred, especially in stores, fairs, promotional events, and advertising campaigns, due to their high visibility. Their vibrant colors can help consumers focus on products or information and enhance brand promotion.


Why Should You Choose Us?

High Quality: Our labels meet high-quality standards and provide durability. We produce them using advanced printing machines and cutting equipment, ensuring that we deliver the best results to you.

Diversity: We offer a wide range of label options to meet your needs. You can choose from adhesive labels, thermal labels, fluorescent labels, vellum labels, and more. With our labels available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, we provide tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Customization: We offer customized labels that reflect the personality of your brand. By integrating your logo, texts, and designs into the labels, we help enhance your brand visibility.

Fast and Flexible Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction. We ensure timely completion of projects with fast delivery times. Additionally, with our flexibility and customer-focused approach, we consider your requests and provide you with the most suitable solutions.


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